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For over 50 years, Beacon Real Estate Group has maintained a steadfast reputation in the real estate industry, particularly in the Southeastern United States. We focus on acquiring and managing multifamily, retail and office properties. 

Our expansive portfolio boasts over 7,000 multifamily units and more than 1 million square feet of commercial space. With our core staff members working together for over 25 years, Beacon´s breadth and experience are the bedrock of our firm’s success across generations. 

Key to our continuing success is our distinctive Hybrid Management Model. This model allows Beacon to discern and exploit market opportunities and inefficiencies, creating property performance beyond typical standards. 

We take pride in our reputation for integrity and our ability to seize opportunities in various market cycles. This unwavering reliability provides assurance to our selling counterparts and firmly establishes us as a preferred partner within the real estate industry. 

Beacon Real Estate Group – Over half a century of performance,  commitment and  real estate expertise.    

Hybrid Management Model: OUR THREE PILLARS

Beacon Real Estate Group recognizes the value of third-party management (vs. in-house) as well as its inherent limitations. We identify opportunities to enhance property operations through Beacon’s specialized staffing and data science groups. These groups developed our unique Hybrid Management Model, which is built on three core pillars: 

Onsite Talent Optimization
By leveraging data science and business intelligence software, we empower our  onsite teams and liberate them from time-consuming administrative tasks. This enables property managers to concentrate on activities they are passionate about, like leasing and customer service. This not only increases employee satisfaction but also contributes to rent expansion. 

Liquidity Management and Expense Allocation
Property expenses are uploaded from vendors to our software; eliminating human error and wasted time. Our accounts payable team ensures the timeliness and accuracy of every property expense. Our firm’s focus on liquidity management not only provides a more streamlined and transparent financial overview, but also allows our onsite teams to concentrate their efforts on revenue-generating activities. 

Optimized Marketing
We look at marketing differently because we understand how vital it is to a property’s performance. Metrics, benchmarks, and rigor inform all of our marketing decisions. Beacon’s in-house marketing team works with our local property management teams to harness the potential of data science and business intelligence software.  Online customer engagement – whether through desktop or mobile devices, needs to be a distinctive, engaging, and unique experience; and continuously measured for efficacy. ROI is the foundation of Beacon’s marketing decisions, not “eyeballs” or “clicks”.

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