Our approach

We focus on multifamily, retail and office assets. We employ specific investment strategies in select sub-markets generally throughout the Mid-Atlantic & the Southeast, focusing on unique value-add opportunities that are intrinsic to each area.

The firm actively participates in the management of each asset, providing all of the adjunct services, skills and systems necessary to maintain and improve each asset throughout its holding period. By leveraging our decades of experience to create operating efficiencies and NOI optimization, we are able to attain attractive risk-adjusted returns for our partners.

Beacon Multifamily
Beacon owns over 10,000 multifamily units in the U.S. Southeast, focused on primary and secondary markets. We purchase undercapitalized or mismanaged properties below replacement cost in submarkets with strong demographic trends.

Beacon Retail/Office
Beacon’s current commercial portfolio of approximately 1,000,000 SF of office, and retail properties is also in the U.S. Southeast. Our strategy focuses on local market inefficiencies centered around demographic growth, local policies and under-served endogenous demand drivers.